Monday, September 28, 2015

#PopeinUS - Catholic Hipster Coverage Roundup

We did our best to cover the Pope's visit to the United States for all you Catholic Hipsters out there, and with the visit now over, we thought it would be fun to share all the coverage we had (so those of us who can't believe he is actually gone can re-live all the hippest moments!).

From our weblog: 

The Pope in US Drinking Game!

When the Papal visit finally started

When President Obama was late to greet the Pope

The first official speech

When the USCCB won Twitter for the day

When the Pope address the bishops

When Junipero Serra became a Saint

When the Pope addressed Congress

When the Pope addressed the UN

When the Pope rocked the MSG

From our Twitter feed: 

When the Pope wanted some of that fancy mustard

When I got retweeted nearly 500 times for a Burger King joke

When we got live footage from inside the Pope's Fiat

When the nuns were tailgating

When the Pope pulled off a Hulkster move

When a bishop found time left on his parking meter

When Catholics in Philly welcomed the "Pofe"

When Pope Francis' long day finally came to an end

When Pope Francis didn't know how to use a touchscreen 

When a Wax Francis tripped everyone in Times Square out

When one of the Gaffigan kids stole Francis' seat

When a new Papal hairstyle became all the rage

When Pope Francis couldn't believe it wasn't butter

When we compared Francis' wheel to JP2's

When the Pope decided to head home

So, we hope you enjoyed all The Catholic Hipster coverage of the Pope's visit!

Big shout out to all the new followers we picked up over on Twitter during the past few days!!

We'll try not to disappoint you, but we most certainly will...

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