Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#NationalCoffeeDay Was Made for Catholic Hipsters

How perfect that #NationalCoffeeDay falls in the middle of our #CatholicDrinkster contest, where we are on the journey to crown an official Catholic Hipster drink (coffee is currently way in the lead, by the way). 

How could any of us function without coffee? Seriously!

When we started having kids, I went from a "sure I'll have a half of a cup on a random day" kind of coffee guy, to a "don't speak to me until I've had at least 16 ounces" kind of coffee guy.

It's kind of a must, at this point.

And, since you Catholic Hipsters love obscure Catholic knowledge, have you heard about Pope Clement VIII and his baptism of coffee at the Vatican in the midst of a call to ban the delicious caffeinated beverage?

I turn your attention to Wikipedia:

"Being pressured by his advisers to declare coffee the "bitter invention of Satan" because of its popularity among Muslims and it being a sort of antithesis or substitute for wine, upon tasting it he instead declared that, 'This devil's drink is so delicious...we should cheat the devil by baptizing it!' The year often cited is 1600."

So drink up, my beloved Catholic Hipsters!

Each sip of coffee is a sip in favor of cheating the devil!

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