Monday, September 14, 2015


Who coould possibly be more of a Catholic Hipster than the original 12 apostles of the Word Made Flesh himself?

I mean, they were Catholic way before it was cool...

Today, we take the top five most hipster apostles and put them to the test. 

So, our dear 9 loyal readers, who is the #HipsterApostle?

1. Simon (The Canaanite): The only time this Simon is mentioned in the New Testament is when he is listed as one of the 12 apostles. Now that's hip.

2. Thaddeus (Judas, Jude, Lebbaeus): The apostle of three names, as he is known in some circles, is also responsible for one of the oddest books of the Bible, only 25 verses in length.

3. James (Son of Alphaeus): Not much is known about James the Less, either. He may be the brother of Matthew, according to some sources, however, that is disputed simply due to the fact that their fathers may have just had the same name.

4. Bartholomew: Always referred to alongside his buddy Phillip, Bartholomew remains one of the more obscure members of the original twleve. 

5. Andrew: Often underrated due to being in the shadow of his brother Peter, Andrew stands out as the first apostle called by Christ.

Got a favorite? Vote in the poll on the right side of the page (until Sunday at 11:59 pm), and shout your choice to the Twitterverse with the hashtag #HipsterApostle. Think I've missed the biggest hipster of them all? Let me know by hitting me up on Twitter @theghissilent!!

Let's do this. 

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  1. No Matthias? Won the office through casting lots and drops off the face of Acts?