Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fiction Versus Non-Fiction: A Catholic Hipster Explanation of Polls

Dear Everyone Who Puts Together Polls Regarding "What Catholics Believe":

Please feel free to take a quick look at the info-graphic above before sending out your findings to the mainstream media.

In the future, we would appreciate that you would try a little harder to search out Catholics who practice their faith when looking for information on what members of the faith believe.

Now, to be clear, I'm not trying to do one of these "I'm Catholic & You're Not" sort of things, I'm just trying to say that I'd appreciate if pollsters were a little more discerning when picking who they selcet as the mouthpiece for all things Catholic.

For example:

Folks who are "angry" at the Church for Her stance on moral issues, most like don't speak for Catholics as a whole.

Folks who are "Ex-Catholics" with no interest in ever returning to the Church, but think Pope Francis is "cool," most likely don't speak for Catholics as a whole.

Folks who think Mass is "boring" but try their best to make it on Christmas and Easter, most likely don't speak for Catholics as a whole...but you're getting closer!

Again, this isn't about certain Catholics being better than others. Instead, it's about presenting an accurate picture of what Catholics believe to the masses.

Busting out poll after poll about Catholics thinking the Church is "out of touch," or Catholic being "hopeful that Pope Francis will change all these outdated teachings," doesn't help anyone.

It gives the secular world a simply inaccurate and unfair picture of a gaping disparity between the "hierarchy" and those filling the pews, and it gives the Catholic world a scandalous and overblown picture that those sitting next to them in those very same pews don't really care what the Church teaches and hope that Fr. Sally shows up to run Mass next Sunday.

If you were conducting a poll on Mormons to see their current views on polygamy, I highly doubt you would have 75% of those polled come from a polygamist commune. So, please, if you are conducting a poll to gather the views of Catholics on certain topics, just come and ask us.

We're here, and we'd be happy to answer.


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