Monday, September 21, 2015


Happy Monday, you silly hipsters!

Around these parts, Mondays are made for contests, and today is no different. 

Welcome to the first ever battle to crown the #CatholicHipsterPowerCouple!

There are plenty of amazing Catholic couples out there, working their butts off to get their spouse to Heaven, but here are five who are clearly at the top of the game:

1. Jen & Joe Fulwiler

We all know and love Jen. She's an epic author, blogger, radio host, and speaker, as well as a mother to a pretty good sized brood of children. While we don't know as much about Joe, we can only assume that he's drowning in children every time she heads out the door to make our lives more enjoyable, and for that, he's a saint! 

2. Catherine & Ryan Lopez

Ryan Lopez, the winner of the Underrated Catholic Twitterer Award, is back, and this time he's brought along his lovely wife. Just the fact that they can be co-workers and still be in love at the end of the day is enough to get them on this list!

3. Colleen & Matt Swaim

This is it. Finally a chance for Matt Swaim to win a hipster contest, thanks to his wife's hipster cred pulling him up. Matt & Colleen are into everything a hipster should be into: books, cow tongue tacos, and Animal Mechanicals. As a parent of young children, that says it all.

4. Jeannie & Jim Gaffigan

You might think it's unfair to put these ringers in the contest, but Jeannie and Jim deserve tons of love from Catholic weblogs and media sources such as ourselves. They are living the Catholic life and the celebrity life, and doing it well. And just the fact that Jeannie is married to Jim has to earn her a free ticket straight to Heaven when it's all said and done.

5. Haley Stewart & Daniel Bearman

If you were going to vote along the strict lines of hipsterness, it would be hard to vote for anyone other than Haley and Daniel. They are Hipster Catholicism to the max, and are more than deserving of your love. Plus, they recently dominated a cross country road trip, moved to Waco to become actual farmers, and are the only people on this list who I've actually hung out with in real life!

Alright people, time to vote! 

Vote on the right side of the page until Sunday, and hit up Twitter with the hashtag #CatholicHipsterPowerCouple to make your opinions known to the world (or, at least, to the Catholic Twitterverse). 


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