Monday, September 7, 2015


So many of our Catholic Hipster contests are focused on cool Catholic folks keeping it real in the here and now.

However, all of us recognize that when it comes to being Catholic Hipsters, we are standing on the shoulders of giants. 

Today, we take a moment to recognize those giants. 

Welcome to #CatholicHipsterGiants. 

This week's contest is all about giving love to the amazing Catholic Hipsters who walked before us. As usual, we've narrowed the list down to a top five, and leave it up to today's Catholic Hipsters to crown a winner. 

And simply because these Catholic Hipster Giants are so giant, I'm going to keep my words brief, because you all already know the how/why of the awesomeness of these folks. 

1. Flannery O'Connor

An overwhelmingly talented American Catholic author, perhaps best known for comparing the sound of windshield wipers to the sound of "two idiots clapping in Church." 

2. GK Chesterton

Chesteron is an epic writer, who has no shortage of quotes that fit perfectly with the present day culture we find ourselves in. He also once mentioned how Catholicism allows for the pipe, the pint, and the cross to all fit together.

3. Fulton Sheen

If you haven't watched Fulton Sheen in action, get thee to You Tube immediately. Sheen was THE Catholic presence in mainstream media back in the day, and he knows how to get to the point of the matter with truth and charity like nobody else. 

4. Leslie Rumble

Long before Catholic Answers was a thing, Fr. Leslie Rumble was on the airwaves taking calls and providing answers to all questions concerning the Catholic faith. He turned his most asked questions into a book called "Radio Replies" and really helped pave the way for the most popular show on Catholic radio today.

5. JRR Tolkien

There is nothing I can say about JRR know him, you love him, his stories have been a part of your life since as far back as you can remember. May he continue to shape the minds of our culture, both young and old, for generations to come.

We've got a tough one on our hands here, people. 

Vote for your favorite #CatholicHipsterGiant by guiding your mouse over to the poll on the right side of the page (closes Sunday at 11:59 pm, my time), and then jump on over to Twitter with the hashtag #CatholicHipsterGiants to tell everyone why your choice is right and why their choice is wrong. 

Game on.

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