Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Catholic Hipster Review of Chime Travelers #2

For the last 21+ nights, my family has been enjoying having a solid bedtime story thanks to the talented Lisa Hendey.

The Sign of the Carved Cross is our second journey with Patrick and Katie, and dare I say that we enjoyed it even more than the first?

Once again, Lisa masterfully weaves our Catholic faith into a story that is equally thrilling and educational for young kids (I mean, the look on their face when the "everything becomes a blur" is priceless). It gives them an opportunity to learn about the saints as "real people" and to connect with them in a whole new way.

And it really gets to them!

As an example, last night we went around the family before hopping into bed and each picked a saint to ask to pray for us. My three year old picked St. Kateri, and I had to hold back from standing up and cheering!

The story of Katie and her feeling the need to fit in also plays into my five year old's life quite well. He started Kindergarten just last week, and I think the tale of giving in to peer pressure only to find that it doesn't feel good is an important lesson for him to think through as he enters the world of public school. 

What's more, Katie's story of her negative interactions with Lily also provide an important lesson on asking for forgiveness and striving to be a better person. Even though Katie makes a bad decision because she wants to be cool with the cool kids, she eventually realizes how wrong that decision was, asks forgiveness, and decides to chose to be loving toward Lily even though it isn't popular.

Even as an adult, this story helped me grow in my love of St. Kateri, and being able to spend each night over the course of three weeks growing in a relationship with a saint alongside my children has been a tremendous joy. 

Also, once again, the discussion questions were so cool! They allowed me to hear answers from my five year old that I never would have expected, and that means so much to me.

So, thanks again Lisa, we can't wait for #3!!

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