Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wait...The Pope Is Coming?

Have you heard Pope Francis is coming to the US? Why didn't someone tell me about this??

I'm joking, of course, but if you consider yourself a parishioner of the Catholic Twitterverse, I'm sure you heard the recent report that 31% of Catholics are completely unaware that Pope Francis is paying our beloved country a visit this Fall.

The media enjoyed the heck out of that number, as you can probably guess.

I'm thinking the discussion around the water cooler at the Huffington Post went something like,

"How can one third of those boneheads not know that their supreme leader is coming? They really are out of touch!"

The topic predictably spurred discussions about the Catholic Church's outdated methods of media, not enough understanding of how to reach out to its own flock, and blah blah blah.

I'm sure you can gather from my tone that my response to this story was, "So what?"

We're living in a country where only 24% of Catholics attend Mass on a weekly basis. Yeah, that's right, only one out of every four self-identified Catholic fulfills their Sunday obligation.

And that points to the real problem. To me, that means that 76% of Catholics have a misunderstanding of what Mass is, what the Eucharist is, and what the Church as a whole is.

Either that, or they just don't care...

So, rather than trying to slam your Twitter followers with updates on the Pope's upcoming trip, let's address the more important issues. The issues that have to do with all of our eternal destinies.

Rather than trying to get #PopeInAmerica trending, let's try and get #RealPresence, #MassIsHeavenOnEarth, or #CatholicsComeHome up in the top ten.

Because Catholics being unaware of the Pope's visit is one thing, but Catholic being unaware of the fundamentals of their Faith is something entirely different.

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