Friday, August 28, 2015

The Why-Don't-You Apologetic

We, at The Catholic Hipster weblog, have been working our butts off to help you, Mr./Mrs. Normal Catholic, in your pursuit of apologetics proficiency.

Sure, you can listen to Catholic Answers Live every day, read fantastic books like Catholicism and Fundamentalism, or even take a graduate level course in Theology online.

But now you don't have to!

That's because we've developed a new Catholic apologetic that is

1. Easy to learn
2. Able to be applied to all situations
3. Free

It's called "The Why-Don't-You Apologetic"!

Any time a Non-Catholic blindsides you with a question that calls for an explanation for the hope that is within you, you can simply respond with, "Why don't you?"


Non-Catholic: "Why do you Catholics pray to Mary?"
You: "Why don't you?"

It's just that simple!

You flip the need for explanation right back onto your interlocutor, and get to watch them squirm around for an answer. After all, we Catholics have Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium all on our side, so why should we have to be on the defensive?

Another Example:

Non-Catholic: "Why do you call your priests 'Father'?"
You: "Why don't you?"

See? Easy peasy!

One Final Example:

Non-Catholic: "Where you you find Papal Infallibility in the Bible?
You: "Why don''m sorry, I have to go..."

So get our there and try this awesome new apologetic technique today!

And remember, we've got your back!!

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