Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Pros & Cons of the #SergCast

Sitting here drinking a cup of coffee, most likely seconds before my kids come rumbling out of their rooms, I felt it was a great time for me to contemplate exactly what we have done by inviting Sergio Bermudez onto Episode 5 of the Catholic Hipster Podcast...

Becase I'm a rational thinker, by which I mean slightly OCD, I like to put together lists of pros and ocns when looking at my decisions in life:

Pro: It's nice having another dude on the show.

Con: People from my Parish listen, and may give me dirty looks at Mass after hearing all the swears.

Pro: It's nice to bring some cultural diversity to the show. 

Con: There may be "gangsta rap" playing in the background during the interview, which may be a tad too diverse for some of our audience. 

Pro: Serg is pretty hilarious on Twitter. 

Con: Hilariousness on Twitter does not always equal hilariousness in real life...just ask Haley Stewart after spending a couple of days with me in the real world ;)

Pro: Serg was available, while our real first choice was on sabbatical. 

Con: He's from that town where they destroyed that friendly hitch hiking robot. 

Pro: He's kind of a big wig at Ascension Press, and may pull in a pretty large audience. 

Con: He reads a lot, and guests that are smarter than the hosts is never a good thing.

With all those pros and cons in mind, I'm now halfway through my cup of coffee and feeling excited that in just 7 short days we'll be chatting with Sergio (however, it could just be the sudden boost of caffeine)!

And it won't just be aimless dialogue, no sir. We'll be talking about dating from the perspective of single folks and married folks. It's a totally different ball game depending on your state, obviously, and worth talking about (in my impressively humble opinion). 

If you've got questions about dating that you'd like to have answered on the show, hit up Twitter with the hashtags #DatingQs4Sergio or #DatingQs4Sarah, and we'll start putting together a list of the best queries. 

As for me, I consider it a pretty fantastic date when we get to go out with just one of our three kids, so it's doubtful you'll want to ask me anything. 

The countdown to the SergCast has officially begun. 

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