Monday, August 3, 2015


Welcome one and all to the Catholic Hipster's first ever #PapistPodcast Award!

Podcasts are an excellent way to spread all the coolness that the Catholic Church has to offer to a wide audience!

While there are a ton of Catholic Podcasts deserving of getting nominated, only one can be hip enough to bring home the (metaphorical) bacon. 

And, without further rambling from me, here are your nominees:

1. The Catholic Sip

Michael, Phil, and Nick exude Catholic Cool over on the Catholic Sip podcast, which always has something fun to share with all of us. With an impressive guest list that ihas ncluded Catholic Hipsters like Mark Hart, Sarah Vabulas, Fr. Pontifex, and more, Catholic Sip is going to be hard to beat. 

2. The Catholic Foodie

Jeff Young brings the flavor of Catholicism to your ear buds in his Catholic Foodie podcast. Two of my favorite things in the world, food and our faith, are the topic, and once you try out one of his recipes, you will be hooked.

3. The Break

The Break has a little bit of everything. From faith, to legos, to science fiction, this podcast is just what you're looking for. Father Roderick is just straight up cool and deserves your regular listenership. 
4. Catholic Underground

Being a Catholic Hipster means living in the Catholic Underground, so there was never a doubt that this podcast would make the list. What could be better than priests and the laity getting together to provide the latest scoop on faith, technology, and Catholic culture? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

5. Catholic Moments

I can already here Lisa Hendey: "Great, another hipster thing for me to lose!" Not so fast, Lisa! Catholic Moments is a fantastic podcast, bringing us everything we want to know from the people we most want to hear it from. It's so hip, it got picked up on the radio! Give Lisa a listen, and then give her a vote!

So, what say you, my dear Catholic Hipsters?

Drop your vote in the poll on the right side of the page (voting, as usual, ends at some random time that I decide on Sunday), and make your favorite well-known over on Twitter with the hashtag #PapistPodcast! 

Ready. Set. Go. 

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