Friday, August 21, 2015

How Kicking It With Strangers Reminded Me of How Awesome it is To Be Catholic

Sure, we all "know" each other on Catholic Twitter, but let's face it: 

When it comes to meeting up in real life, we're stil kind of strangers. 

We may know how many kids we all have, what we've been up to lately, and which songs at Mass tend to make us throw up in our mouths a little bit, but for all intents and purposes we're still pretty much strangers when it comes down to it. 

And yet, we're all Catholic, and it's not our various interactions on social media, but rather our faith that makes us all friends despite not knowing each other.

We had a nice reminder of this idea this week when some "Twitter friends" on a cross country road trip stopped by our house for a brief non-dirt-camping-spot break in their epic journey. 

To be honest, they were pretty much strangers. Explaining to our kids who these people were that were staying in Mommy & Daddy's room with three kids for a couple of nights was a bit tricky (well, no we've never met them...but yes, they are, don't ever invite friends over to our house that you've met on the internet...but yes, that's what we're doing), but we all know how quickly kids become friends with other kids they've never met before, so they were over it in about 30 seconds.

The thing that I enjoyed most, however, was how their visit reminded me of how awesome it is to be Catholic. How awesome it is that you can easily hang out with people you've never met before and feel like you just "get" each other. Sure, there's tons of differences between all of us, but the similarities we share as young Catholics blows all of that away. 

Being able to share the joys and difficulties of NFP, the excitement and anxiety around raising children in this wonky culture of ours, and just to spend time laughing about anything and everything, that's what makes hanging out with other Catholics so incredibly refreshing. 

I have always watched my children make friends so effortlessly, and wished that I could be like them. They don't care about anything other than if a kid is willing to play with them, and then boom: they're best friends. It's really an amazing thing to see.

But I think it can be the same way for us. Hanging out with other young Catholic who share your joys and struggles, your passions and fears, and your desire for the kids to just be quiet for 10 seconds, feels just like walking up to some unknown kid at the playground and asking if he'd like to play superheroes with you. 

It's easy, carefree, and totally worth it. 

So the next time you have a chance to welcome some people you only know through retweets and favorites, I suggest you go for it. Because getting that opportunity to sit back and see the universality of our Catholic Church in action is so enjoyable and empowering.

And plus, you get a chance to stay up late and drink beer ;)

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