Monday, August 31, 2015


Let's face it, growing up as a Catholic teen, picking a Confirmation name is a big deal. Like, a really big deal!

I remember getting the print out of potential candidates from my Confirmation class, and almost ended up picking the Patron Saint of Roller Blading (St. Christopher, for those who were wondering), but ended up going with St. John the Baptist. 

While J-The-B may be fairly popular as a choice, I contend that he was quite a hipster, so...

Enough about me, we're hear to talk about you. 

Who was your Confirmation Saint? 

Share on Twitter with the hashtag #HipsterConfirmationSaint, and we'll share your responses right here on this very blog. 

And, who knows, if you end up having the best hipster Confirmation name, you might end up getting some kind of prize. 


  1. My confirmation saint is St. Genesius! It's a male saint too. I picked St. Genesius because he is the patron saint of dancers, lawyers and actors. I'm a dancer and my parents are a lawyer and a drama teacher. I loved his story!