Monday, July 6, 2015


Haven't we had enough hipster contests?

Yes, yes we have. 

However, it's time for one more. 

Typically, our hipster nominees are people you have heard of, leading hipster voices in the Catholic world. Today, we set out to bring you the underrated Catholic hipsters out there. 

Witth that in mind, it's time to kick of the #UnderratedCatholicTwitterer award!

We scoured the Catholic Twitterverse to bring you five epically underrated and awesome Catholics from Twitter, and are allowing you (our six loyal readers) to pick the winner. 

All of our nominess have less than 1,000 followers on Twitter, have made us laugh at least once over the past 6 months, and probably hate that they are being nominated for the award.

So, hang on to your hats, because here is our list:

One does not simply follow Sergio without second guessing clicking that button a few times in the process. One part Catholicism, two parts hip hop, and a half a cup of sublime subtweeting, this Pataphysician is on point.

When it comes to a meme contest, there is no better Catholic tweeter out there than Ryan Lopez. He's the guy who puts a perfect caption on a silly Pope Francis photo and makes you spill your coffee while peeing your pants...because it's so funny. Also, I hear he rocked Theology on Tap in Acapulco.

Mattt Dunn is a musician, an improv comic, a poet, and (perhaps most importantly) he makes fun of the aforementioned Sergio. How this guy does not have as many followers as the Pope is beyond me. Also, he loves breakfast sandwiches, and I think we can all relate to that.

I was actually shocked to see that our very own #HabitedHipster has under 1,000 followers. Are you serious, Twitter? Sister B is the supremely hip ambassador of the Salesians on Twitter, and she makes consecrated life look so darn fun. She's also known for dropping Lil' Wayne, you pretty much have to vote for her. 

Sitting in a Church pew near you is a Catholic so hip, she makes me look like a total doofus. Drinking gin before lunch, watching Harry Potter marathons before dinner, and screaming anathema at anyone who crosses the dogmatic line during dessert, this Twitter acccount is pure gold. Oh, and cigarettes, lots and lots of cigarettes. 

Alright, hipsters, work your magic! Vote in the poll on the right side of this page up until 11:59 pm on Sunday (my time), take to Twitter using the hashtag #UnderratedCatholicTwitterer, and have a ball doing it.

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