Monday, July 27, 2015


Who doesn't love sports?

Yeah! Sports!

With that mindless chant in mind, we're mixing our love of the game with our love of the faith in this latest Catholic Hipster poll.

Welcome to: #PapistProSports!!

We have taken the time, talent, and treasure, to whittle down the list to just five fantastically Catholic professional sports mascots for you to chose from. 

Intentional or not, these Catholic themed teams have us rooting for them for no other reason that the fact that we rep the Vatican!

So, you completely hilarious Catholic Hipsters...who has the hippest Catholic mascot in all of pro sports?  

1. New Orleans Saints

When you think American Catholicism, you can't help but think New Orleans. And their football team, the Saints, are a perfect example of a pro-team showing pride in their Catholic heritage. If any of my children decided to ditch their father's beloved Rams, I'd be okay with it, if they cheered for the Saints. 

2. San Diego Padres

Is it any wonder that the home of Catholic Answers Live has one of the most Catholic professional sports mascots out there? The San Diego Padres bring the Catholic heat with their logo, showing a habit-wearing brother knocking a homer out of the park.

3. Los Angels Angels

Full disclosure: The Angels have been my favorite baseball team as long as I can remember. My kids and I watch the highlights over Cheerios every single morning. But, outside of my one-sidedness, how could they not make the list? The wings, the halos, the awesome Disney movie that inspired a generation! Let's go Angels!

4. St. Louis Cardinals

So, they may not be referring to the red-hat-wearing Cardinals that we know and love, but I can't help but think about this team and immediate see images of conclaves dancing in my head. Am I the only person who has considered getting a Cards lid just as an homage to my Catholicism? I think the red cap of St. Louis baseball could become the lay equivalent of the zucchetto!! 

5. New Orleans Pelicans

Now we're getting into some deep, theological waters. When the NBA squad from New Orleans went through a rebrand and became the Pelicans, I instantly considered it a nod to Catholicism. After all, the Pelican is an ancient symbol of Christ giving of Himself in the Eucharist. Didn't know? I suggest you look into it before you vote...

There you have it: the professional sports teams that bring the Catholic love at an unprecedented level. 

Who you got? 

Vote in the poll on the right hand side of this page (voting closes on Sunday) and take to Twitter with the hashtag #PapistProSports to let all the other sports-loving Catholic what you think.

Game on!

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  1. Well, none of us are Angels. Almost none could ever become Cardinals. Some are Padres. While we all depend on the pio pellicane, not many understand the reference. All of us are unambiguously called to be Saints.