Monday, July 13, 2015


If you're one of our six loyal readers, you have come to see Monday morning as a new beginning, in terms of hipsters contests...

Today is no different, and with that in mind we're happy to welcome you to:


The Bible is full of well known characters, so well known that my three sons are named after some of them! But, when you're a Catholic Hipster, you're all about obscure Biblical coolness. 

As usual, we've narrowed our list of nominees down to five fantastically hip folks. 

Let's do this!

1. Baalam

Straight out of the book of Numbers, Baalam was sent by the King of Moab to toss a curse upon the Israelites. On his journey, he was confronted by an angel of the Lord that he couldn't see, though his donkey could. Concerned that his donkey was going mad, he did the logical thing of beating the donkey, and the donkey responded with speaking the words, "Why do you beat me these three times?" Baalam's eyes were opened thanks to the donkey!

2. Elishama

Elishama is a scribe mentioned in the book of Jeremiah, and that's pretty much all we know about him. However, in 1986 a clay seal was found with his name and title on it, which is one of many examples we can look to in terms of the authenticity of Scripture. 

3. Jethro

The father-in-law of Moses is the often-forgotten character from Exodus. When Moses was feeling overwhelmed, Jethro encouraged him to break his epic task into smaller goals...and we all know what this advice helped Moses to accomplish. 

4. Ehud

Straight out of Judges 3, Ehud was called by the Lord to assasinate an opressive King. His smooth talking (Jedi skills?) helped him to get past the guards by saying he had a "special delivery" for the King, and boy did he. 

5. The Young Man from Mark 14:51

This dude has always fascinated me. Who is this guy, and what was the importance of including his brief mention in the Gospel? 

Alright, you hip as heck Catholics, let's do this!

Vote in the poll on the right side of the page until 11:59 pm (my time), take to Twitter with the hashtag #HippestBible Characters, and let's get this obscure stud crowned!


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