Monday, July 20, 2015


Do you live within the boundaries of a hipster Archdiocese?

If so, you're probably not reading this because you're stopping by a perpetual adoration chapel on the way home from the extraordinary form of the Holy Mass, and on the way to another thrilling installment of Theology on Tap. 

Either way, welcome to our very first #ArchdioceseOfHip contest. 

Per our usual silliness, we've narrowed your choices down to five hipster Archdioceses, and it's up to you, the four loyal Catholic Hipsters who read this blog, to decide which Archdiocese deserves the hipster crown.

Let's do it!

1. The Archdiocese of San Francisco

The Main Man - Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone

The Hip Factor - Well, for starters, I live in this Archdiocese. We've also got the awesomeness that is our beloved Archbishop standing up against the Teach Acceptance crowd, and all the quality hipsterness that is the California Bay Area. There is no place in these United States that better lives the words of St. Augustine, "Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more."  

2. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati 

The Main Man - Archbishop Dennis Schnurr

The Hip Factor - Cincinnati won our "America's Next Top Catholic Hipster City" way back when, and parishioners of this fantastically hip Archdiocese have been cleaning up our hipster awards ever since. Home of the Son Rise Morning Show and the best chili in the lower 48, Cincy has hipster written all over it.

3. The Archdiocese of Portland

The Main Man - Archbishop Alexander Sample

The Hip Factor - Portland is arguably the first city that comes to mind when we all think "hipster". Sorry, Austin. From the show Portlandia, to the hipster acronym "PDX", Portland stands as a Catholic beacon of truth in the midst of an extremely iffy Northwestern portion of our beloved country. Keep Portland weird? How about "Keepin' Portland Catholic"?

4. The Archdiocese of Toronto

The Main Man - Thomas Cardinal Collins

The Hip Factor - Sr. Helena Burns, FSP. Need I say more? Home to nearly 2 million Canadian Catholics, Toronto is the Catholic Hipster capital of our dear friends to the North. Plus, Catholics in the area have a solid official beverage...the Tom Collins...with a side of Tim Bits, of course.

5. The Archdiocese of Atlanta

The Main Man - Archbishop Wilton Gregory

The Hip Factor - The home of the Eucharistic Congress and Catholic Drinkie! Atlanta is an up and coming Catholic Hipster Mecca (two points the cross-faith reference). We had so much fun trolling the Eucharistic Congress and Catholic New Media Conference on Twitter this year, we could barely contain ourselves! 

So, there you have it. Which of these five Archdioceses deserves the title #ArchdioceseOfHip?

Only you can decide.

Vote in the poll on the right side of this page (until Sunday afternoon/evening) and take the discussion  all over Twitter with the hashtag #ArchdioceseOfHip! 

Let the games begin!

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  1. Isn't Portland the birthplace of hipsterism? They get my vote.