Thursday, June 4, 2015

Why I Remain a Catholic Hipster

I'm sure many of you Catholic Hipsters out there have heard the challenge from Elizabeth Scalia:

The shortened version would go something like this: 

Take a few minutes to jot down 'Why I remain Catholic' and post it where you can.

And so, without further introduction, here we go!

Let's start from the begining.

I was conceived by two eighteen year old Catholic kids who let their passions get the best of them.

Luckily, they were Catholic enough to know the right answer was to give me up for adoption, and I was blessed at three weeks to be welcomed into the most amazing family I could ever dream of.

My Dad went to high school seminary, my mom had two sisters who became, well, sisters, and I was the kid happy to make $10 as the altar server at every weekend Marriage I could get booked for. 

Catholicism was our culture, and it was a culture I loved. 

Off to college I went (Go Gauchos!), and while I never stopped attending Mass (even if it was in between parties), I slowly started to slip into the cafeteria. I was happy to eat the fries and drink the soda (judge not, pray to pass tests, etc), and happy to leave the brocolli and lima beans where they sat (contraception, teaching on marriage, etc). 

After getting married and having our first child, my wife and I were faced with a decision. 

We knew that we were a little out of line with our beliefs on certain issues in comparison to what we thought the Church taught. And now that we had two beautiful and tiny eyes fixated on us, we knew that we had to live an authentic life, one way or the other. 

Were we going to stay Catholic and jump on board with all of the Church's seemingly outdated beliefs? Or, were we going to take our contraception along with us to the praise and worship service at the abandoned elementary school down the street?

You know how the Church teaches that "children are the supreme gift of marriage and contribute greatly to the good of the parents themselves" (CCC 1652)? Yeah, I totally get that one now...

In order to prove that we knew more than the Church about our #1 known issue, we decided to pick up a little document called Humanae Vitae. I was all ready to read the 31 paragraphs and declare that we were right, the Pope was wrong, and that was that.

Instead, Humanae Vitae turned out to be just what my wife and I needed. 

It hit us right in the heart. 

Each and every word of that document seemed to speak to us personally: The selfishness we had fallen into, the illusion of control that we held onto so tightly, and the unconditional, unbelievable love that we were denying ourselves. 

And, with that, we were convinced. 

I mean, when you really take the time to read what the Church teaches about love and marriage, it's just the most beautiful stuff out there. Who doesn't want unconditional love? Who doesn't want a spouse who treats them like Christ treats the Church? Who doesn't want a free, total, faithful, and fruitful love, like the love we receive in the Eucharist, in their marriage? 

The Church is right! The Church is true!! And everyone needs to hear about it!!!

To whomever writes my obituary after I've gone off for a little purgation on the road to the beatific vision (fingers crossed), I'll start you off with the opening line:

"He was born a faithful Catholic, he died a faithful Catholic."

May my Guardian Angel watch over me and guide me to ensure that this is true. 

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  1. Reading that (as a Pentecostal pastor and wife trying to decide about contraception) got us reading the CCC and we were hooked. Two years later, we converted; thank God, together. What a great post! Glad to meet you guys!