Monday, June 15, 2015

Who Is The #HippestNonCatholicChristian?

The Catholic Hipster weblog has worked hard to show the amazing coolness of being truly and authentically Catholic.

And, while we are pretty much a weblog for Catholics by Catholics, even we can admit there are some supremely hip Non-Catholic Christians out there who deserve our recognition. 

With that in mind, it's time to present our #HippestNonCatholicChristian award! 

As you can imagine, we had quite a tough time narrowing the list of nominees, but we're pretty proud of the crew we pulled together for you. And, of course, if any of these awesomely hip folks are interested in making the swim across the Tiber, we're happy to help! 

How could Rick Warren not kick off this list? He loves hanging out with our beloved Bishop down in the OC, and I used to live in Lake Forest, so I know the power of his presence in the community. Don't forget, a while back on Twitter, I called dibs on the first interview if Mr. Warren were ever to come into the Church that Christ himself founded. I believe those dibs still apply.

If you read this weblog, you know I'm a Christian Hip Hop fan, and there is no bigger force in Christian Hip Hop right now (other than Fr. Pontifex) than Lecrae. He is hip to the max, and this list would be a total fraud without him. 

The Christian Hipster is easily the Non-Catholic with the most Catholic followers on Twitter that I can think of. While the position of "Catholic Hipster" is currently occupied, I'm sure we could find a spot for him in the hierarchy somewhere, if he decided to make the jump. 

There was no way this list was going to exist without the genuflecting quarterback! Tim Tebow's witness of public faith is great for all of us to see and rally behind. If only we could have more athletes spending their time promoting Jesus and the Good News the way Tebow does! In full disclosure, however, I'm a Rams fan, so I'm not going to go as far as saying I'll be cheering for the Eagles this year...

Brett McCracken wrote a book called "Hipster Christianity," so getting named to our list should come as no surprise. He's got a hip blog, a hip Twitter account, and he's happy to come and bring his hipness to a speaking engagement near you. 

So, who do you say is the hippest Non-Catholic Christian on the list? Vote in the poll on the right hand side of this page (poll closes at 11:59 pm, my time), and let your thoughts be known on Twitter with the hashtag #HippestNonCatholicChristian. 

Here's to hoping that this little contest opens up a bunch of Non-Catholics to our fun little weblog here! 

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