Monday, June 22, 2015

The Catholic Hipster's 2015 #HilariousCatholicWeb Award

One awesome thing about the internet is the massive amount of Catholic humor out there.

Thanks be to God, there is no shortage of websites, blogs, and Twitter-ers who provide belly laughs for the members of the Body of Christ.

Today, it's time to recognize those that rise to the top. 

Welcome to the Catholic Hipster's #HilariousCatholicWeb Award!

We scoured the hippest regions of the internet to find the funniest Papist material out there, and as usual, we narrowed it down to five epically awesome choices. 

Without further narration, here are the five nominees for the Hilarious Catholic Web:

1. Eye of the Tiber

It's easy to characterize Eye of the Tiber as the "Catholic Onion," but I'd say that's selling this hilarious Cathoilc website short. If you don't laugh at the headlines you see coming out of EotT, you may have passed on to your Eternal Reward without realizing it...check you pulse. 

2. Church POP

Make holy all the things! You might call Church POP the "Catholic Buzz Feed," but it is so much more. The perfect blend of serious and silly, Church POP is easily one of the most retweeted Catholic websites out there!

3. Catholic Memes

What can I say about Catholic Memes? I can still remember the first time I ever saw one of their fantastic memes, back in the day when I used to follow them on Google Reader (I have officially aged myself to the younger hipsters out there). They are rightfully considered the most hilarious memes on the internet, Catholic or otherwise. 

4. Catholic Swag

I'm sure that the person behind Catholic Swag will make some comment about not deserving to be on a list with such great Catholic internet types, but they're wrong! In a Twitterverse filled with Catholics trying their best to be funny, Catholic Swag stands head and shoulders above the rest. 

5. Augustine of Hiphop

If you had never heard of Augustine of Hiphop're welcome.

So there you have it, our five more-than-worthy nominees for the first-ever Hilarious Catholic Web Award. 

Take the time to click a couple of buttons, and vote in the poll on the right side of this page (poll closes at 11:59 pm my time on Sunday), and then click a few more buttons to speak your mind about the award and its nominees over on Twitter using the hashtag #HilariousCatholicWeb. 

May the funniest Catholic win!

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