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Believe it or not, The Essential Catholic Hipster Survival Guide kicked off way back on December 22, 2014.

Since that blessed date, we've been getting the essentials of the Catholic Hipster life out to the masses via the weblog and Twitter, and we've been humbled by the response. 

One of the things we love doing is making up hipster contests, all with one goal in mind: promote those supremely hip folks who love and stand up for the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church. 

After all, living an authentic Catholic life has been infallibly defined as ultra hip.

Since we have had so many contests, we thought it would be fun to document who/what has won each of the silly things we have done since our founding. 

And so, without further blabbering on my part, we are proud to present you with: The Hip List!

The 2014 Wojtys - The Catholic Hipster of the Year: Our first hipster award was the one that put us on the map! The field of nominees was quite strong: Matt Swaim, Jimmy Akin, and Leah Darrow led the way, with "write-in candidates" Matt Fradd, Anna Mitchell, and Sr. Helena Burns, FSP also up for the title. Anna Mitchell surprised the world with a late-in-the-game comeback that put her ahead of her Son Rise co-host, as she claimed what would become the first of a whole trophy cabinet full of Catholic Hipster Awards. 

America's Next Top Catholic Hipster City: The search to find the hippest Catholic City in the land was our next endeavor. The nominees were Portland, Denver, Lincoln, Austin, and Cincinnati, and the Queen City came out as winner with over 60% of the vote! 

The Ultimate Catholic Hipster Spotify Playlist: We started a publicly available Catholic Hipster playlist on Spotify and asked the Catholic Hipsters out there to help us select the hippest of tracks. From Fr. Pontifex to Audrey Assad, this still growing playlist keeps us rocking in a strictly hip, and strictly Catholic manner. 

Hipster with Holy Orders / Habited Hipsters: Our battle to find the hippest Catholic out there with a religious vocation turned into one of our more popular adventures. Aftter an intense search, Fr. Claude Burns and Sister Brittany of the Salesians took home the titles, and boy was it well deserved in both cases!

The Catholic Hipster version of FOCUS' 24 to follow: Back in February, the good folks at FOCUS put out their list of 24 Catholics to follow on Twitter, and we responded with a list of 24 other Catholics people should follow. Our list included the likes of the supremely hip Lisa Hendey, Anna Mitchell, Danielle Bean, Sarah Reinhard, and on and on and on. 

Patron Saint of Hip: At the start of Lent, we launched our quest to find the Patron Saint of Hip. The likes of St. John Paul II, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frasati, St. Max Kolbe, and St. Rose of Lima were beaten out by the Media Apostle Blessed James Alberione! With the Daughters of St. Paul carrying the banner for Blessed Alberione, this was a slam dunk. After all, he was doing the "Catholics in the media thing" WAY before any of us.

Alma Mater Madness: One of the most talked about Catholic Hipster events we ever hosted was the search to find the hippest Catholic College in America. Twenty schools were up for the title, and they all went head to head in a lengthy tournament that eventually got us down to the final matchup between Christendom College and JP Catholic in San Diego. While it appeared that JP Catholic had convincingly won the title, they later gave the title over to Christendom after discovering that a student had rigged up a program that gave them tons of votes they didn't actually deserve. It was pretty exciting to have scandal rock our little weblog, and for Christendom, it was a well deserved victory.

Infallibly Hip: We all know that St. John Paul II is the model for Catholic Hipsters everywhere, but we were curious as to who was considered the hippest Pope in history after the obvious choices. We lined up Paul VI, Leo XII, Gregory XV, John XXIII, and Benedict XV, all worthy competitors for this crown. In the end, Benedict and his totally awesome hat and glasses were way too much for the other contenders, and he walked away with the title.

Catholic Hipster Tweet Awards Pre-Lent 2015: Let's face it, the hipness of Catholicism is felt very strongly in the Twitterverse, and it was with that in mind that we launched the Catholic Hipster Tweet Awards. There was a great group of hip-worthy tweets, but Arleen Spenceley's mention about using the word "peeps" in a work email won the day. 

Mulieris Digni-Tweetem: Our hippest Catholic mom contest was made awesome thanks to the nominees. Not only did they all vote for and promote people other than themselves, but they even took to Twitter to start naming other hip Catholic moms who deserved accolades. The other-centeredness that comes so naturally to moms was so cool to see in action! And, despite going up against a very impressive field of hipster moms, Anna Mitchell rose to the top again, showing that she may just be the hippest Catholic on the planet. 

Pater Hipster: Next up we went after finding the hippest Catholic dad around. This contest was a very exciting one, with a nice little handful of hip Catholic dads going after the title. In the end, Brandon Vogt picked up the well-deserved win, and proved that it was well-deserved with an unbelievably hip tweet to celebrate his victory.

Catholic Hipster Tweet Awards - Lent 2015: With the close of Lent and the start of the Easter season, we thought it would be fun to search the hippest Catholic tweets from one of the hippest Catholic Liturgical seasons. It was loads of fun, and when it was all said and done, Fr. Kyle Schnippel's tweet about carrying a portable kneeler in the back of his VW was just too much to condend with. It is becoming increasingly clear that "hip" is Fr. Kyle's middle name!

Catholic Hipster Time Machine: Where in the New Testament would you go, if you had the chance? Well, Catholic Hipsters everywhere spoke loud and clear on this one. Most people wanted to be kicking in with Mary Magdalene when the Risen Jesus appeared to her, and we can't argue with that one. 

So, there you have the catalogue of hipster contests thus far. It has been a pretty fun ride, and we've got quite a bit more fun in store for our 6 loyal readers in the future. From our Hipster Holy Days poll, to our Movie Quote for the Pope contest, to the Easter edition of the Catholic Hipster Tweet Awards, to our St. Gabriel Award looking for the hippest Catholic radio show, we've got big plans to keep the silly hipness going. 

And we hope that we're doing our part to spread the good news along the way. 

If you have any ideas for upcoming Cathoilc Hipster events that you would love to see, hit us up on Twitter @theghissilent or use the hashtag #TheHipList! 

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