Monday, May 4, 2015

It's the #IamSonRise Celebrity Mash-Up!

Welcome to the #IamSonRise Celebrity Mash-Up!

Today we're on a mission to decide which celebrity our favorite Son Rise personalities most resemble. 

Toss your ideas out via Twitter with the hashtag #IamSonRise. 

Which celebrity most looks like...

Matt Swaim: 

My early contenders are: 

Bruce Willis- 

Jason Statham:

and, 2007's Britney Spears:

Anna Mitchell: 

My early contenders are:

Lizzy Caplan:

Mandy Moore: 

and, Grown-Up Lisa Simpson:

Paul Lachman: 

My early contenders are: 

Kevin Smith: 

Ryan Reynolds:

and, Bearded Aladin:

I'm certain that the Son Rise Fandom is going to come up with better matches than the ones I've presented so far!

Get 'em out there on Twitter using the hashtag #IamSonRise!!

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