Saturday, May 2, 2015

#CatholicHipsterDebate: In the Hand vs On the Tongue

Welcome to another exciting edition of: #CatholicHipsterDebate.

Today's debate is going to need to be delicately set up...

It's Communion in the hand vs. Communion on the tongue! 

This is often an intensely debated topic in Catholic Hipster circles, so before I let you all loose on Twitter, I want to frame this a tad. 

Receiving communion in the hand is allowed. Receiving communion on the tongue is allowed. Just because a Catholic prefers one form of reception over another does not, in and of itself, make them more reverent than someone who prefers the other form of receiving (and, quite frankly, if they think it does, they are automatically less reverent because they are judging the state of someone's come the emails!). 

As for history, there are many references to communion being taken in the hand, most explicity from St. Cyril of Jerusalem around 350 A.D. Of course, there are even more references for communion being taken on the tongue, so there you have that as well. 

The purpose of this Catholic Hipster Debate is not to say one preference is better than the other, but rather to openly talk about which is your preference and why. There will be no room for "holier than thou"'s all in good fun, people! 

With that, the stage is set! Hop on over to Twitter and make sure your voice is heard via the hashtag #CatholicHipsterDebate!! 

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