Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#CatholicHipsterDebate: Collection Plates vs. Matthew 6:3

It's time for the latest edition of: Catholic Hipster Debate!

Today, we're talking collection plates vs. Matthew 6:3.

There is little doubt that when the collection plate comes around, many of us feel obligated to toss something in because we know everyone is watching. Even though my family has set up online donations to the parish that go out the door every week, I still feel that, "Everyone is watching me, thinking I'm not giving my fair share" feeling in my gut when the basket comes my way and I stare off into space as if it isn't there. 

With that framework, we can get into the debate: Do collection plates make it difficult for us to follow Jesus' teaching in Matthew 6:3 (purposely not quoting it, by the way, as a way of forcing my fellow Catholics to head over to their Bible App)? Is online giving the better option, to help ensure that we aren't giving out of a desire to be seen as givers? Is there another way that the Church could reach out for financial assistance/allow us to give for the needs of others, that wouldn't include a collection plate in front of everyone and their grandmother at  Mass?

Take to Twitter with the hashtag #CatholicHipsterDebate, and let your opinion be heard. 

Without further blabbering on my part, let the debate begin!

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