Wednesday, April 22, 2015

You Probably Haven't Heard: All-Catholic Ghostbusters in the Works

Disclaimer: "You Probably Haven't Heard" is a segment here on the weblog where we have fun with fake news...

More than likely, you've heard the news about the all-female Ghostbusters movie that is set to come out in the near future. And, I'm equally sure that you've heard about the all-male Ghostbusters movie being put together as some sort of macho response to the all-female version.

While those two may have stolen all the headlines, a little known project by the Daughters of St. Paul shouldn't go without notice. 

The FSP are putting together an all-Catholic Ghostbusters movie, set to debut this Christmas! 

"People are ready to see how we Catholics would handle this whole ghost thing," said the film's director, Sr. Helena Burns, "This will be the only version of  the Ghostbusters franchise to tackle deep theological questions related to Purgatory, the state of the soul after death, and God's grace."

The cast is a straight up all-star team of Catholic talent, featuring: 

Father Robert Barron as Egon Spengler
Matt Fradd as Peter Venkman
Patrick Coffin as Ray Stantz
and Greg Alexander as Winston Zeddemore

"The culture is ready for two things," Sr. Burns shared, "The good news of Theology of the Body, and an all-Catholic Ghostbusters movie."

The film will be released to a limited number of parishes across the US. 

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