Monday, April 13, 2015

The #MulierisDigniTweetEm Winner is: @morninganna!

Crowning the hippest Catholic Mom has been quite an awesome adventure.

From our initial launch of the award early last week, we saw quite a bit of buzz around #MulierisDigniTweetEm on Twitter, and after about 200 votes, we are ready to officially engage in this hipster coronation. 

The winner of this year's #MulierisDigniTweetEm award, and the hippest Catholic Mom around is...

Anna Mitchell!!

That's right, the winner of our 2014 Catholic Hipster of the Year Award (the #Wojtys), has pulled off another big win here with #MulierisDigniTweetEm! 

The Annie Fandom is clearly alive and strong on the inter-webs these days! And I'm sure that the mention of the award on the Son Rise Morning Show didn't hurt!!

Thanks to all the supremely hip Catholic Moms who were nominated and were willing to have a great time with this fun contest. You are all hip in my book!

Will Anna be able to pull off a triple crown, once I'm able to think of another hipster award she can be nominated for? Only time will tell! 

Congrats Anna! 

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