Monday, April 13, 2015

#PaterHipster: A Hipster Contest for the Dudes

It felt only natural that, following the conclusion of our hippest Catholic Mom contest, we rolled right into a hippest Catholic Dad contest.

Dads who strive to live up to their vocation, to their calling as given to them directly by the main man himself, are clearly the pinnacle of Catholic hipness. 

And, in honor of them, it's time to begin #PaterHipster: The official contest to crown the hippest Catholic dad around. 

Narrowing down the list to a group of just five hip Catholic dads was no easy task, to be sure, but we are pretty proud of our work, and now present you with your nominees:

The Hipster Case for Mr. Madrid: Patrick Madrid has been the most-listened to Catholic radio host for as long as most of us can remember. He  grew up in the ultimately hip Orange County (points from me, an OC native), is a giant music lover, and has more kids than almost everyone on this list...combined! He also sports some of the most recognizable facial hair in the Catholic media world! 

The Hipster Case for Mr. Swaim: All six of you who regularly read this weblog know that we give Matt Swaim high praise for being a shining light for the Catholic Hipster way of life. He grows facial hair based on what month it is, eats obscure food, has a history of being in a death metal band, is a convert, knows everything one could possibly know about the Star Wars franchise, and hosts the hippest show on Catholic radio. The fact that Matt is on this list makes is extremely difficult for anyone else to pull off a victory.

The Hipster Case for Mr. Vogt: Brandon Vogt makes the list of nominees thanks to his work with the imminently hip Word On Fire folks. Brandon also founded the super-cool Strange Notions website, dedicated to opening up a dialogue with atheists...and there isn't anything much cooler than that these days. Not only does he rock the bow tie in family photos, but he also recently put out a guide for those of us wanting to get more reading done without having much time. Bow ties, books, and dialogue with atheists? Bingo. 

The Hipster Credentials for Mr. Gaffigan: To be honest, I'm often left feeling empty inside when Jim Gaffigan gets left off of lists like this from other Catholic weblogs. Many tend to see Jim as a secular comic who just happens to be Catholic, but I tend to disagree. Instead, I see him as an epic example of the New Evangelization. He's hilarious (although I think much of his best humor actually comes from his wife), he promotes everything we stand for as young Catholics with growing families, and he's one heck of a male model. Plus, his tales of overeating help make me feel better about myself. 

The Hipster Credentials for Mr. Egan: The only man hip enough to be married to the 2014 Catholic Hipster of the Year and #MulierisDigniTweetEm winner. He's in a band, he's the most referenced person on the Son Rise Morning Show, and frankly, he wins for having the coolest Twitter username. Don't be surprised if, like his wife before him, he sneaks up out of nowhere and snags this award. 

So, there you have it! Who you got? 

Vote for your favorite #PaterHipster nominee via the poll on the right side of this page (voting closes Sunday at 11:59 pm, my time), and make sure to shout your choice and reasons for that choice from the rooftop via Twitter, using the hashtag #PaterHipster. 

Best of luck to everyone! 

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