Monday, April 6, 2015

#MulierisDigniTweetEm: Who Is the Hippest Catholic Mom Around?

Welcome to #MulierisDigniTweetEm!

It is officially time for us to crown the hippest Catholic mom in town. 

Now, in full disclosure, I'm fairly certain that my wife is the hippest Catholic mom around, but we'll set that aside for a second, and take time to look at the bigger picture.

There is a seemingly unending list of fantastic Catholic ladies out there, doing the Lord's work, and it's about time they get recognized! All of the women on this list, and so many more who go unnoticed, deserve our recognition, love, and support, but let's have some fun with this and see who comes out on top :)

So, without further babbling on my part, here are your five nominees for #MulierisDigniTweetEm:

Hipster Credentials: Jennifer Fulwiler is the atheist convert responsible for the mega-hit book Something Other Than God. After being one of the most well-known Catholic bloggers on the internet for years, she earned a spot hosting her very own SiriusXM radio show that covers everything from tips for growing in virtue, to a detailed play-by-play of Left Shark's Superbowl Halftime performance. And we haven't even mentioned the fact that she guides many of our life decisions with the stoke of a keyboard. From the apps we download, to the shows we dedicate our lives to on Netflix, Jennifer and her well-respected Fulwiler Bump deserve an automatic Catholic Hipster imprimatur. 

Hippest Tweet in Recent Memory: "Just blocked someone trying to pass me on escalator because I was distracted by Twitter. When did I become that person?"

Hipster Credentials: There are multiple reasons, other than the fact that she hangs out with Matt Swaim, that we consider Lisa Hendey to be ultra hip. One of the top dogs over at, she has been pumping us up with inspiring stories from a variety of authors for as long as I can remember (and remember, isn't just for moms). In addition to that, she's helping teach all of us to see the grace of saying yes. And saying yes to Christ and His Church is about as hip as you can get. 

Hippest Tweet in Recent Memory: "Worn out after an hour of headshots for a magazine. Said "whiskey" about 300 times!"

Hipster Credentials: She's a frequent guest in the inbox of wives around the planet, an avid runner, and stepper-on-er of Legos. When it comes to reaching women through the use of media, Danielle Bean is a star. Her Momnipotent series not only helped my wife, but also gave us, as a couple, plenty to talk about. Also, she survives out where it's wicked cold!

Hippest Tweet in Recent Memory: "Stop it TV. I do NOT want a stupid box of stupid strawberries for Valentines Day."

Hipster Credentials: What further praise can we possibly toss Anna Mitchell's way? She is not only an amazing wife, fantastic mother, and news director/producer of the hippest show on Catholic radio, she's also our reigning 2014 Catholic Hipster of the Year! Anna brings a smile to our faces every weekday morning, and surely has to be considered the front runner in this exciting contest (even thought she's going to be her humble self and say she isn't). 

Hippest Tweet in Recent Memory: "My condolences to @doogiehowitzer and @mattswaim on the death of Leonard Nimoy. May the force be with him."

Hipster Credentials: Sarah Reinhard is the other brilliant mind behind She lives on a farm, helps out with youth basketball, and has offered via Twitter to hold everyone's hair back in case we feel the overwhelming need to vomit. She has reviewed more books than I've even dreamed of reading, and she's humble about her hipness, which just applifies her hip-ti-tude. 

Hippest Tweet in Recent Memory: "Don't even TRY to tell me Reese's Easter eggs aren't a good lunch."

So there you have it! 

Feel free to make your voice heard via the poll on the right side of this page (voting closes Sunday at 11:59 pm) and via Twitter with the hashtag #MulieriusDigniTweetEm.

And by the way, while we know there are a billion other Catholic moms deserving of making this list, we did the best we could to narrow things down and hope you think our list is worthy of what you have come to expect from a Catholic Hipster contest (and I'm speaking to all 6 of our loyal readers when I say that)...we love all you Catholic moms out there, hip or otherwise!

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