Monday, April 27, 2015


Happy Monday, you genius Catholic Hipsters!

Today we start a hypothetical Catholic Hipster contest, The Catholic Hipster Time Machine!

If you had a time machine (and yes, I realize that the above pictured TARDIS travels across both time and space) that could allow you to travel anywhere (or, more precisely, any time) in the New Testament, where (or, more precisely, when) would you go? 

Take a look at our five nominees for The Catholic Hipster Time Machine:

1. The Wedding at Cana

Marian intercession, the best wine you've ever tasted, and Jesus partying down? Who wouldn't want to be a guest at this wedding? 

2. The Feeding of the 5,000

Grumpy apostles, a hungry crowd, and Jesus rocking a miracle like a boss? Sign me up!

3. The Raising of Lazarus

Jesus weeps, says a quick prayer, and blows everyone's mind? It would be epic!

4. The Bread of Life Discourse

The origin story of the source and summit of our faith, the setting up of the Most Precious Sacrament, the only event non-Catholics take figuratively? Let's do this!

5. Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene

The announcing of the Resurrection, the glorified body of Jesus, the reason that our faith is not in vain? How could you not want to be there? 

So, there you have our five nominees for this week's Catholic Hipster Time Machine! 

Vote for your desired destination in the poll on the right side of this page, make your choice known on Twitter with the hashtag #CatholicHipsterTimeMachine, and pick up your Bible to be magically transported back to any of these events without the need for the TARDIS or some other machine containing a flux capacitor!

Let the debate begin! 

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