Saturday, March 14, 2015

Your #AlmaMaterMadness Winner is...@JPCatholic!

20 schools.

5 rounds. 

6,430 votes in the final round alone.

The Catholic Hipster weblog is happy to be able to announce the winner of Alma Mater Madness. 

The Catholic school best exemplifying what it means to be a true Catholic Hipster is...

John Paul the Great Catholic University!!!

JPCatholic was the leading vote getter in every single round of the tournament, and while Christendom College gave them a run for their money early on in the finals, time showed that the vast majority of hipster voters sided with the university named for one of our truly hippest Saints. 

So, congratulations to JPCatholic on a well-deserved victory! 

Hopefully this means that you no longer have to be the school that most people "probably haven't heard of before" anymore! 

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