Monday, March 9, 2015

#InfalliblyHip: Who is Your Papal Hipster?

We've done the Hipster thing from quite a few angles in the months since we've been a weblog.

We've brought you the Catholic Hipster of the Year, Habited Hipsters, Hipsters with Holy Orders, and even the Patron Saint of Hip.

Today, our latest endeavor is ready to keep the hipness of Catholicism trending in your hearts and minds, as well as your Twitter feeds. 

Welcome to #InfalliblyHip! 

Today we set out to select our very own Papal Hipster. 

First, the ground rules:

1. Our selection of possible Papal Hipsters is confined only to Popes who filled in for Peter prior to my birth (it would just be way to easy for JP2, B16, and Papa Francesco to win this thing).

2. St. Peter can't make the list...the fact that he was Pope before being Pope was a thing just wouldn't be fair to the rest of the hopeful Vicars. 

3. Popes that we know too little about aren't eligible either. While being obscure may make you hip, we need tangibles to decide this contest. 

So, my fellow Catholic Hipsters, read on for our 5 nominees, join the conclave, vote in the poll on the right side of this page, tweet your thoughts with the hashtag #InfalliblyHip, and stay directly on the edge of your seat waiting for the white smoke to bellow from the symbolic chimney that is this blog. 

1. Pope Paul VI

Pope from: 1963-1978

Actual Name: Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini

Why we consider him infallibly hip: Paul VI was the Pope during a particular difficult and confusing time for our culture, as well as for the Church. He reconvened the Second Vatican Council and saw it through to its completion, he busted out three documents on Mary, he reached out to start up dialogue with those of other faiths (as well as those with no faith at all), and he stood up to defend the Church's teaching on married love with his famous encyclical Humanae Vitae. Pope Paul VI is one seriously underrated Servant of God! 

2. Pope Leo XIII

Pope from: 1878-1903

Actual Name: Vincenzo Gioacchino Rafaelle Luigi Pecci

Why we consider him infallibly hip: Not only was Leo XIII the oldest Pope, reigning until he was 93, but he also ranks third in terms of the longest pontificates. He issued eleven encyclicals on the Rosary...eleven! He was also the first Pope to not hold control over the Papal States, which was disolved eight years before his election. He also initiated the First Vatican Council! Leo XIII definitely ranks high among underrated and awesomely hip Popes! 

3. Pope Gregory XV

Pope from: 1621-1623

Actual Name: Alessandro Ludovisi

Why we consider him infallibly hip: Gregory XV is known for forming the Papal elections into more of what we see today. He had a strong interest in foreign missions, was the first Pope to erect a permanent congregation, and significantly expanded the Vatican archives. For a man who only reigned as Pontif for two years, he got a lot done, and because of that, he is referred to as the underrated Pope in Brandon Toropov's Complete Idiot's Guide to the Popes and the Papacy.

4. Pope John XXIII

Pope from: 1958-1963

Actual Name: Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli

Why we consider him infallibly hip: He was the first Pope in over 500 years to take the name John. He was a master of passionate speeches, known for calling the Second Vatican Council, and was easily a fan favorite among Catholics of the day. He is well known for has various efforts to save and protect the Jewish people during World War II. He is also at the center of a fair number of conspiracy theories, and that's pretty hip. Oh yeah, beng a Saint doesn't hurt either!

5. Pope Benedict XV

Pope  from: 1914-1922

Actual Name: Giacomo Paolo Giovanni Battista della Chiesa

Why we consider him infallibly hip: Other than the hat, the glasses, and the fact that Benedict XVI respected him enough to chose the name Benedict? Benedict XV promulgated the Code of Canon Law, was super influential via humanitarian effort during World War I, and he worked hard to revitalize the missions throughout the world after the war, earning him the nickmame "Pope of the Missions." But  seriously: hat, the glasses, and the fact that Benedict XVI respected him enough to chose the name Benedict.

So there you have our list. Time to make your voice heard!

Vote for your Infallibly Hip Pontif in the poll to the right, and be sure to spread the word on Twitter with the hashtag #InfalliblyHip! 

Let the Catholic Hipster conclave begin!!

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