Monday, March 9, 2015

#AlmaMaterMadness: The Finals

The day we've all been waiting for is finally here.

After receiving over 700 total votes in the previous four rounds, it's time for the Alma Mater Madness Finals!

For over a week, we have been working our way toward crowning the Catholic college that best exemplifies what it means to be a Catholic hipster, and we are so close I can smell it. 

Wait, that's my four month old...

Your Alma Mater Madness Final is:

(1) Christendom College vs (4) John Paul the Great Catholic University

Christendom College was ranked at the top of the list, coming in as the top seed based on the Cardinal Newman Society's rankings. That's doesn't mean they had an easy road to the finals, however. 

In the first round, they went toe to toe with Walsh University. After coming out on top, they got surprise first round winner, the University of Mary. UofMary was seriously underrated, but Christendom again came out on top. Next, they were tossed into the free-for-all five-way third round, and came out as the second most voted for school, vaulting them into a Final Four battle with the much-loved Benedictine College. After crushing Benedictine, they have made it all the way to the finals...and their competitive nature is showing on Twitter:

But can they ride that confidence to a win against the surprising school from San Diego?

John Paul the Great Catholic University has shocked us all. They led the vote getting over all the schools in every single round! After opening things up with a convincing win over Mount St. Mary's, JPCatholic brought the thunder against Aquinas College (highly touted on Son Rise, if I'm not mistaken). They were the most voted for school in the five-way third round, leading to an epic battle against Thomas Aquinas College for a chance to get into the finals. There was never a question about it. 

Oh, and they're also bringing the heat via Twitter:

So here we are. What started as a 20 school epic Catholic college hipster battle, has now come down to this. 



Only one school can be the winner. 

Only one school can carry the Catholic Hipster torch from this point forward. 

Who is it going to be? 

Did I mention that both schools were featured in an exclusive Son Rise Morning Show podcast segment? Matt Swaim grilled representatives from the two schools in an all-out Catholic Hipster challenge. Who presented the most compelling case? Click the link, and have a listen:

Voting (on the right side of this page) goes until Friday at 11:59 pm (my time). 

Don't forget to shout out your choice via Twitter with the hashtag #AlmaMaterMadness. 

May the best college win!!


  1. JP Catholic has to win. It's a freaking movie school. What's more hipster than that?

  2. But hipsters don't try to be cool. They just are. A school in California named after JPII and marketing themselves as the school for the New Evangelization? Come on. Trying WAY too hard to be cool.
    Christendom is the true hipster.

  3. Christendom photoshopped a JPII photo before it was cool.

  4. I've got two words for you, Walter Janaro. Christendom = Hipster

  5. I attended Christendom before it was cool.

  6. I attended Christendom before it was cool.

  7. Check out Christendom Memes ( if ya wanna know just how HIP we are!

  8. If over 4400 people voted for your school in the last 2 days, you might not be as hipster as you claim... but if you wrote a script to vote hundreds of times automatically, you give Catholic hipsters everywhere a bad name. I am highly suspicious of these results.