Sunday, March 8, 2015

#AlmaMaterMadness: The Final Four

We started with the top twenty Catholic college, as ranked by the Cardinal Newman Society.

Then, slowly but surely, we worked our way through round after round of Catholic Alma Mater Madness in an effort to crown the college that best represents what it means to be a true Catholic Hipster. 

And so, after 6 days, three rounds, and nearly 600 total votes cast, we have finally made it to...

The Catholic Hipster's Alma Mater Madness Final Four!!!!

Here are the final four colleges, as picked by you, our seven loyal readers: 

(1) Christendom College VS (10) Benedictine College

After entering the tournament ranked #1, Christendom was always a bit of a favorite. Adding to the love they have been getting in the polls, they've also been getting my support after engaging in the Twitter frenzy:

Not to mention the fact that this vibrant Catholic college has a straight up beautiful campus, with an aweomse sports program, and a total group of hipsters making the student life straight up fun!

Meanwhile, Benedictine College comes in as the clear surprise of the Final Four. Despite coming into the tournament ranked in the middle of the pack of twenty, they have consistently drawn huge vote totals throughout. Does the school that calls itself "One of the best Catholic schools in the county" have what it takes to come through with another big surprise win?

St. Scholastica says yes...

(4) John Paul the Great Catholic University VS (6) Thomas Aquinas College

Too cool for you to have even heard of it before, John Paul the Great Catholic University is a hot bed of hipster coolness. Well known to the Catholic Answer fandom, thanks to Michael Barber's numerous appearances, they are cleary an up and coming university, and winning Alma Mater Madnesss might be just what they need to become the big deal that they deserve to be. 

And don't forget that throughout each round of Alma Mater Madness, JPCatholic picked up more votes than any other college. I'm serious! 

Thomas Aquinas College snuck into the Final Four, surprising a lot of us! Talk about consistently picking up votes! The hippest college in Santa Paula, California, rocking a faithful Catholic educational experience since 1971, TA College is looking for one more big win to shock the world by making it into the finals!

Game on, folks! The final four of Alma Mater Madness starts now!!

Vote in the polls on the right side of the page (voting for the Final Four ends Monday at 11:59 pm, my time), let your voice be heard on Twitter with the hashtag #AlmaMaterMadness, and let's see which two college end up in the finals!

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