Monday, March 2, 2015

10 Reasons to Not Attend the #EdelForDads Gathering

So, Edel for Dads briefly became a thing yesterday, and since I'm sure a ton of buzz is about to be generated, I thought it would be a good idea to do this post right off the bat. 

Hat tip to a very popular weblog about carrots for the template with which I'm about to post!

1. Edel For Dads isn't a real thing.

This is a very good point...however, most things start off as not real, stay tuned. 

2. I can't afford it.

Totally legit. I understand budget limitations completely. But ask yourself this: When was the last time I flew across the country to have a beer with some Catholic dads that I've never met before? If your answer was "never," maybe, just maybe, you deserve to splurge. 

3. I'm not a blogger.

Um, have you seen this blog? My five year old could probably do a better job. Don't sweat it. 

4. I'm too old. 

As long as you still have the ability to raise a pint glass to your lips, you're not too old. We're a gathering for dads of all ages. Great-grandfathers are more than welcome!

5. I'm not cool enough.

This is the gathering for you! None of us are all (unless you think spending a Friday night in Adoration before coming home to help put your three unruly kids to bed just so you can watch Netflix for ten minutes with your wife before you're so tired you just give up, is cool). 

6. I'm going through a hard time and no one will understand because everyone there has it all together.

Yeah, actually, this one is kind of true. Sorry. 

7. I'm worried no one will talk to me.

Yep, right again. We're basically going to sit at a pub, drink beer, pretend that we know something about sports by looking up at the flat screen every few minutes and nodding with approval, and then obsessively look down at our phones to see what our wives are up to. 

8. I'm not a dad.

Well, I'm guessing you probably have better things to do...

9. I'm not Catholic.

Not to worry. We will convert you (or else) by the end of this gathering. 

10. I don't even like beer.

Fantastic! You will be the most popular Dad in the place: the designated driver!! Everyone has a role to play at Edel for Dads!!!

So, be sure to sign up ASAP. Fake tickets are going fast! 

See you there!!

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