Saturday, February 7, 2015

Some Lesser Known Catholic Conspiracy Theories

One totally cool thing about being Catholic that often escapes the mainstream, is that we are the focus of so many fantastic conspiracy theories. 

Evidently, BXVI was controlling the Lizard People from the Chair of St. Peter, and we had no idea!

For whatever reason, Catholics (and Jesuits, in particular) have received the brunt of what conspiracy theorists have been spinning for nearly 2,000 years. 

From forming a one world religion, to hiding our secret assets in underground vaults, everyone is pretty sure we're up to something (if only they took the time to understand what we're really up to, it could change the world!). 

Thanks to List Verse, we dug up this fantastic list of 10 of the best (and probably lesser known) Catholic conspiiracy theories out there. 

Oh, and prepare yourself...Pope Francis should be getting ready to welcome the aliens at any moment. 

And if you don't believe that people actually think that is going to happen, behold:

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