Monday, January 26, 2015

Your #HipstersWithHolyOrders and #HabitedHipster Winners Are...

It was an awesome week-long celebration of Catholic cool, but now the time has come to declare the winners in our First Annual Hipsters With Holy Orders and Habited Hipster contest. 

Your Hipster With Holy Orders winner is...

Father Claude Burns! 

Much love to the beloved Priest and Urban Poet, who has become a regular routine of pre-Mass preparation for my family. 

In fact, just a couple of days ago I was driving my kids in our van, totally daydreaming, when my 5 year old piped up with, "Daddy, why do you keep saying You can bang on these walls, but you can't bring 'em down?" 


And...your Habited Hipster winner is...

Sister Brittany!

She somehow overcame the media/hipster powers of the Daughters of St. Paul to claim the crown, and boy was it well-deserved!

In the midst of this contest, she scored a cotton candy machine, took a selfie with a habited puppet, and won me over with her weather geekiness. 

Before we go, I just wanted to thank all the nominees for being so cool, so willing to have some fun with this, and for being the Catholic Hipsters they all are. 

Nothing is cooler and more hip than being truly Catholic in our world today, and all of our nominees are doing everything they can to proclaim that message to the masses. 

Aftter nearly 900 votes over the course of 7 days, I'm happy to say that the message is getting out there loud and clear. 

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