Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Welcome to the Year of Back to the Future II

The 1989 cult classic Back to the Future II depicted Marty McFly and Doc Brown making the daring journey to the future to help prevent Marty's future son from ending up in the criminal justice system.

The year they traveled to? 2015!

The Back to the Future II version of 2015 looks quite a bit different compared to the actual version, but I thought it'd be fun to check out what they thought like would be like...

I loved that hat.

Flying cars: Didn't we all think there would be flying cars by now? I can't remember a single kid from my childhood who didn't buy into this one. 

Self-lacing sneakers: Man, this would be so cool. Imagine the time it would save all of us Catholic Hipsters rocking our Chuck Taylors! 

Clothes that fit you automatically: Would this mean all jeans would become skinny jeans?

Newspapers still big business: What's a newspaper? 

Jaws 19: Sure, there have only been four Jaws movies to date, but the fact that they poked fun at Hollywood's tendancy toward rehashing things over and over again is pretty rad...and ironic, coming from a trilogy. 

Video games that require no hands: We're already there, baby. Nice one, BTF2!

Hoverboards: The absolute dream of every kid who ever watched this move. And in our version of 2015, a California startup company recently raised $500,000 to create a hoverboard that works via magnetic still won't work on water...unless you've got power. 

Pizza to go: Dehydrated Pizza Hut? Not so much...

Dot-Matrix Printers: What's a printer? 

Time for me to start my rosary crusade to get Netflix to add BTF2 to their streaming lineup. 

Now let's make like a tree, and get outta here. 

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