Monday, January 12, 2015

The #UltimateCatholicHipsterSpotifyPlaylist

What would today's Catholic Hipster be without a fantastically hip and non-mainstream playlist of Catholic jams on Spotify? 

Today, we set out to create the Ultimate Catholic Hipster Spotify Playlist, and we'll need your help!

There is so much Catholic music out there, and almost all of it is underground Hipster perfection.

Being the close knit community that we Catholic Hipsters are, let's come together to compile the Ultimate Catholic Hipster Spotify Playlist. 

Drop your favorite Catholic Hipster jams in the comment section below, tweet them with the hashtag #UltimateCatholicHipsterPlaylist, or send them over Twitter to @theghissilent. 

Once we have the adequately ultimate playlist, we'll share it, so that we can all participate Divine-Office-Style.  


  1. Steven Joubert - Daisies (or really any song from that EP). Artists Ike, Audrey, Sarah Kroger (even though Impossible Things isn't on Spotify) or some Greg & Lizzy. Possibly even some Paradox or Popple (even though not really my thing). Jimmy Mitchell at Mysterium would be a good one to ask.

    1. Thanks! We've added your suggestions :)