Monday, January 19, 2015

The First Annual #HipstersWithHolyOrders & #HabitedHipsters Awards!

When we crowned Anna Mitchell as our 2014 Catholic Hipster of the Year, there was a great deal of interest from those Catholic Hipsters who are priests, nuns, and consecrated religious. The outcry was over the fact that they deserved their own divisions within the Catholic Hipster of the Year award, and indeed they are correct!

With that in mind, welcome to the First Annual Hipsters With Holy Orders & Habited Hipsters Awards!

The time has come, my friends. 

We are proud to present the official nominees, as selected by you, the 3 loyal readers of this weblog (please note: I may be overstating my readership). 

Indeed, it was hard to narrow the list down to five in each category, but I think you'll agree that we have a pretty exciting field. 

We begin with the nominees for the first annual Hipsters with Holy Orders:

Father Chris Ortega: 

To adequately understand Fr. Chris' Catholic Hipster credentials, we need look no further than his Twitter account. 

This has everything...Hipster glasses, coffee shop background, and a very Hipster hobby list. 

Bishop selfies = Absolute Catholic Hipster

Though he doesn't have a sweet, hip beard, he understands the value.

Father Damian Ference: 

Not only does Fr. Damian have an equally hip Twitter account, but he's been actively campaigning for this award for quite some time. 

Should we just give him the award now? 

He was one of the first to actively campaign against a way of ironically winning?

And, he gave us one of the best JP2 memes in recent memory.

Father Kyle Schnipple: 

Seemingly locked in a head-to-head battle with Fr. Chris since word of this award got out, Fr. Kyle is not to be outdone in his Catholic Hipster cred.

Are we going to let this turn into a battle of the beards?

He rocks a Doctor Who disappearing TARDIS mug, and as Matt Swaim knows, Doctor Who is a weak point for me as the guy handing out the awards. 

He also brews beer, and (I've been told) may send said beer my way if he wins...

And nothing says Catholic Hipster like some fantastic socks...

Father Claude Burns:

Now some may say that putting Father Pontifex in this race is unfair, but to those people I saw anathema

Catholic Priest, Urban Poet...can it get any better?

And I guess the answer is yes...we are turning this into a battle of the beards. 

His tracks are featured on our #UltimateCatholicHipsterSpotifyPlaylist more than any other artist.

Father Dave Sunberg

One of the hallmarks of being a Hipster is being outside of the mainstream, and the fact that Fr. Dave has no connection to Facebook, Twitter, or even a cell phone, makes him a serious contendor.

Not to mention that when you Google him, you mostly get awesome pictures of heavy metal bands.

Now, we move on to the nomiees for the first annual Habited Hipsters:

Sr. Helena Burns, FSP:

The beloved "Tweeting Nun" is one of the most famous Catholic voices on social media and beyond. 

These may just be the hippest specs out there. 

She's the only nominee on either list who comes up as a meme when you Google her. 

She's willing to evangelize the dark side, not only with Darth, but also with Leaf and Blackhawk fans!

Sr. Miriam James:

Known to her followers on Twitter as @onegroovynun, this sports fanatic sister had to make our list!

She started a SOLT Selfie contest at the Seek's that for starters?

She's "in the know" with some other beloved nominees.

Yep, she's legit. 

Sr. Anne Flanagan, FSP: 

How could we not have the "Nun Blogger" on the list of nominees? 

Selfies are always a good place to start...

Crafty selfies are even better...

But selfies were you get the well-known "Fulwiler Bump" are best! 

Sr. Tracey Dugas, FSP:

When you get nominated by Sr. Burns, it carries a lot of weight, and with that in mind, we bring you Sr. Tracey!

This could become the new picture of what it means to be a Catholic Hipster.

Out in the garden, Hipster awesomeness.

Taking face painting to a whole new level!

Sr. Brittany, FMA

She's so cool, I can't even find her actual name after a thorough, drawn out, Google research project. Her presence on the Twitter-verse backs it all up...

How about the old school video game background? Solid.

I'm not only partial to fellow Weather Geeks, but also to hip hop references...100 points!

She tweeted our main man, and even called him out as a hipster, months before this weblog was even a dream in my head! 

So, there you have it, ladies and gentleman! Our First Annual #HipstersWithHolyOrders and #HabitedHipsters Awards are a go! 

We provide multiple ways to make your selection known. Feel free to vote via the poll on the right side of this page, send in your vote via Twitter with the hashtags #HipstersWithHolyOrders and #HabitedHipsters, or send a message straight our way on Twitter @theghissilent. 

We will keep the poll up, and voting will be open until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on January 25!



  1. Fr. Chris all the way! He is awesomely inspirational! First hand experience. ..I speak from my heart!

  2. Fr. Chris all the way! He is awesomely inspirational! First hand experience. ..I speak from my heart!

  3. Hey, what about Fr. Joe Krupp?! @Joeinblack He's my vote!

  4. Fr. Kyle all the way! He has ushered in so many vocations in our area that he is truly an inspiration for all young men thinking about the priesthood! Love his socks and have it on good authority that the beer he brews is excellent! Yeah for Fr. Kyle!

  5. Fr, Chris all the way!!! He is an example for young people, he taught young people that you don't have to stop being yourself to be a priest.:-) :-) :-)

  6. Because he is so persistent with his Instagram posts, I'm going to have to vote for .... Fr. Chris!!!

  7. My vote goes to Father Chris Ortega!!! Love how he can be totally hipster and still keep his clerical collar on!! And he loves Our Lady!! You go Father!! +JMJ+

  8. Fr. Chris all the way! I've known him for awhile and he embodies #hipsterswithholyorders. I am so lucky to have him marry my fiancee and me in 8 months! #frchris

  9. If anyone is hip,it's Fr.Chris. Good luck!