Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Obscure Saint of the Day: St. Felix of Nola

Happy January 14, everyone!

With the weekend just a couple of days away, it's time to brush up on some Catholic Hipster knowledge to blow your friends away at your next big event!

Today is the feast of St. Felix of Nola!

Felix was the son of a Syrian, who was also a Roman soldier. Upon the death of his father, Felix gave all of his inheritance to the poor and was ordained a priest by St. Maximus. 

Felix was captured and imprisoned under the rule of Decius, but was reportedly released from prison by an angel and was told to go back and care for St. Maximus. Aftter Maximus died, the people of Nola unanimously selected Felix to be there next bishop, but he declined, preferring to live out his life in prayer on a small piece of land. 

Felix died on this day in the 300s, and his tomb reportedly became the site of multiple miracles. 

St. Felix of Nola, pray for us!

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