Thursday, January 15, 2015

Obscure Saint of the Day: St. Ceowulf of Northumbria

Before Beowulf, there was St. Ceowulf!

Happy Feast of St. Ceowulf of Northumbria! 

With a picture like that, you know that today's saint is going to have an awesome story. 

St. Ceowulf was not only from Northumbria, he was the King of Northumbria!

However, he handed over the crown in 738 to become a monk at Lindisfame. St. Bede was so fond of Ceowulf that he dedicated his Ecclesiastical History to the former King. 

He is also remembered for obtaining a dispensation for the monks of the area to drink wine and beer, rather than the strict limits of water and milk that had been the previous practice. 

For that reason, we suggest you all raise a pint in honor of today's obscure saint. 

St. Ceowulf, pray for us!

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