Friday, January 23, 2015

#HipstersWithHolyOrders & #HabitedHipsters Update: The Last 50 Hours!

With just about 800 votes cast so far, and about 50 hours left to go in the voting, I figured I'd toss up an update in our first ever Hipsters With Holy Orders and Habited Hipsters competition.

It's getting fun!!

First off, Fr. Chris posted a video calling on his flock:

How about Sister B campaigning with a surprise guest?

We had Sr. Tracey becoming a March For Life meme:

And how about the Father Pontifex getting in the mix?

Meanwhile, Fr. Kyle is appealing to Star Wars geeks, tweeting this link:

As Fr. Damian continues to pull for the loser to be the winner:

With all that in mind, here is where we stand heading into the final two days:

Thanks again to all the nominees for being willing to have fun with this.

Now, go vote!!

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