Sunday, January 4, 2015

Five Pope Souvenirs for Your Favorite Catholic Hipster

There is nothing Catholic Hipsters love more than souvenirs that nobody else at their local parish has their hands on.

With that in mind, here is a quick look at five totally awesome Pope souvenirs that are anything but mainstream. 

Pope Benedict XVI is tops among Catholic Hipsters, and this shirt awesomely proclaims our love of him. If I remember correctly, I think I gave Patrick Coffin a ride to a Newark, CA parish while he was wearing a shirt sporting this very message.

Bobbleheads may be past their prime, but Pope Bobbleheads are surely a perfectly fitting item for any Catholic Hipster's collection. And who doesn't love this timeless pose from Pope Francis' first day on the job? 

Nothing tells your friends how much of a Catholic Hipster you are than Pope Francis shot glasses. Is there anything that can help remind you to only drink to the point of hilarity, than staring the Vicar of Christ in the eyes while tossing back some tequila?

This Pope John Paul II USA Tour '87 t-shirt speaks for itself. Own it, and you will be the ultimate Catholic Hipster. 

Nothing says Catholic Hipster quite like a Pope Paul VI Holy Land trucker hat. In all seriousness, how does this exist?

Relics from saints are pretty awesome, but when it comes to being a serious Catholic Hipster, these Pope souvenirs may take the cake. 

And now, time for some cake. 

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