Monday, January 5, 2015

America's Next Top Catholic Hipster City

When it comes to ranking American Hipster cities, the magazine Travel & Leisure seems to have the pulse of Hipster Nation. 

Ths most recent version of their America's Best Cities for Hipsters list ranked the top six Hipster Meccas as follows: 

1. San Francisco
2. New Orleans
3. Portland 
4. Providence
5. New York City
6. Denver

While some names on that list may be a tad suprising, Hipsters can be sure that they'll feel right at home in any of those locales. Microbrews, beards, and bike shops flock to these places like the salmon of Capistrano. 

The question that we need to address is: What are America's Best Cities for Catholic Hipsters?

With that question in mind, we begin our search for America's Next Top Catholic Hipster City.

And, being that this is a weblog for Catholic Hipsters, by Catholic Hipsters, we aren't going to shove a list of nominees that we come up with ourselves down your Sacrarium. 


Instead, we are letting our beloved readers toss out the nominees, followed by an exciting down to the wire vote.

Who you got? Steubie? Lincoln? Wichita? Livermore?

Drop your favorite Catholic Hipster City in the comments section below, hit us up on Twitter at the hashtag #ANTCHC, or send along a tweet to @theghissilent. 

Once we have a nice list of noiminees, we'll toss up a poll, and have at it! 

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