Tuesday, December 23, 2014

You Probably Haven't Heard: IHRadio to Become Madrid Catholic Radio

Disclaimer: "You Probably Haven't Heard" (YPHH) is the heading for our completely fake news stories. Nothing in these stories is true: not the quotes, not the "facts," nothing. This is only for the purposes of fun because I'm bored at work...please keep this in mind when sharing!

Exciting news for Catholic radio fans in the Western half of the United States today, as Immaculate Heart Radio General Manager Dick Jenkins announced big changes to IH Radio's format. 

"Starting on January 1, 2015, Immaculate Heart Radio will become Madrid Catholic Radio," Jenkins shared, "With Patrick Madrid already filling 4-6 hours of our daily broadcasting, not counting re-runs, and considering the massive amounts of positive feedback we get from his fans, we have made the courageous decision to move to an All-Patrick-All-The-Time broadcast schedule."

Fans of Madrid rejoiced in social media, with one fan taking to Twitter to write:

"The 4-6 hours of Patrick Madrid I was getting on a daily basis simply wasn't enough. Thank you @ihradio! #Patrick247"

The hashtag #Patrick247 has become one of the hottest trending topics on Twitter since the announcement.

In response to his expanded presence as the sole voice of Catholic Radio for the Western half of the country, Patrick responded, "I was surprised by the truth of the expanded broadcast time. I have always tried to focus myself on maintaining the heart of a disciple while on the radio, seeking to search and rescue the answer to the question: Why be Catholic?"

With so many hours left to fill, however, Patrick (and the rest of us) are left to ask the honest question: Now what?

"We realize that Patrick can't possibly be expected to come up with enough show material to fill 24 hours per day, 7 days per week," Jenkins explained, "With that in mind, we are filling in the remainder of the day with what we're calling Madrid Live!"

Madrid Live! is going to allow us to get a glimpse of what our favorite Catholic radio host is like during his down time. He'll be wearing a mic at all times, and we'll get to listen in as he goes about his daily business. 

Fans are already looking forward to hearing his dinner conversations with his family, catching his guitar covers of songs of a generation past, listening to him while he's silently in prayer, and most importantly finding out the answer to the question on the minds of all Catholic radio listeners: Does Patrick Madrid snore in his sleep? 

So, we at The Essential Catholic Hipster Survival Guide wanted to make sure that we got out in front of this story, and were the first to wish Patrick Madrid the best of luck with this new venture. 

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