Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Obscure Saint of the Day: St. Zoticus

Alright, this is the real deal.

Today is a festive day (secularly speaking). 

Catholic Hipsters everywhere are spending time with family members of all kinds of different faiths, backgrounds, and persuasions.

Could there be a better time to bust out your Catholic Hipster pride with some obscure facts about an obscure saint? 

Today is the feast of St. Zoticus!

Originally from Rome, St. Zoticus journeyed to Constantinople when it became the capital city under the rule of Constantine.

Once there, he founded a hospital for the poor, and worked tirelessly to defend orthodox Christianity in the face of pro-Arian emperor Constantius II. 

He died in 350, and is the Patron Saint of the poor. 

Also, he's one of the rare "Z" saints...

Saint Zoticus, pray for us!

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