Monday, December 29, 2014

Obscure Saint of the Day: St. Ebrulf

With the New Year fast approaching, it's time to get your obscure saint facts ready for the New Year's Eve party you're planning on going to (and then leaving early because the next day is a Holy Day of Obligation).

Today's obscure Saint of the day is St. Ebrulf!

Finallly, The Canon is proud to present our first Saint of the day so obscure that we couldn't even find a picture of him on the internet!

This is the stuff of Catholic Hipster legend. 

Born in 626, St. Ebrulf and his wife separated and each went into a religious house in Normandy. 

I guess if you're going to leave your spouse for anyone, God is the safest bet. 

St. Ebrulf become pretty famous as a hermit, eventually founding a monastery in the area. 

Armed with this info, you are going to be the Hipster hit of your end of the year party! 

You're welcome!!

St. Ebrulf, pray for us!

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