Wednesday, June 20, 2018

This Year's #HilariousCatholicWeb winner is...

24 hours of voting.

754 votes cast. 

And we're finally ready to declare and crown this year's winner of the Hilarious Catholic Web Award. 

With 50% of the vote, this year's winner is...

Fr. Anthony Sciarappa


What a cutie pie 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2018 #HilariousCatholicWeb

Welcome one and all to the Catholic Hipster award where I pick four people who have been making me laugh out loud over the last year and pit them against one another for an all out battle to be crowned the year's Hilarious Catholic Web winner!

Previous winners have included the much loved Eye of the Tiber, @AngryCatholic, and the one and only Ethan Stueve. 

Who will take home this year's crown?

Let's get to the noms...

Father Rocket Dan, as he's known around the Catholic Twitterverse, is easily my favorite Twitter follow. I don't mean to sway your vote, but click on the link and check out all the hilarity he puts out there. It's pure gold. And the beard has grown to unfathomable lengths, so that has to count for something. 


Sciarappa the Rappa is like no one else, it's true. He tweets consistent gems on a daily basis and also made a parody of The Chimney podcast which was uploaded to rave lukewarm reviews...Follow Father Anthony...right it. 

Known as the Papal Bull, @ShamelessPapist brings some quality tweets. Unafraid to meme Protestants into conversion, this account may be a Jesuit conspiracy but it's the good kind of Jesuit conspiracy...if that's possible? Good jokes, good memes, good stuff. 

Why doesn't Pelekan Memes get more love? I have absolutely no idea. The memes are good; they must have converted like half a million people by now. I know you aren't following them. Why not? What's wrong with you?!

Alright. Check their feeds. Have a good laugh. Vote on Twitter so we can crown the winner!

The Chimney - Episode 227

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